Pedal Smoothies is a bike-smoothies catering company. We bring life to your event by letting your guests ride a bike to make their own smoothies. Your guests will get out of their comfort zones; be reminded of their childhood; be inspired to think outside the box, and be fascinated and amazed by pedal power. It is indeed the simple things that matter in life.

We are Seattle's original bike-powered smoothies catering service. We have years of experience in bringing unlimited smiles to your guests. We specialize in wellness fairs, corporate events, happy hours, school events, sports events, public events, weddings or any private party. You will be impressed with the quality of our service and the fun your guests will have at your event.



The Bikes: Our bikes are step-thru adult beach cruisers with the blender on the back. The bikes sit on a stationary rack and don't go anywhere. With a comfortable saddle and a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, the bikes are able to support most guests. Children as little as 3.5 feet tall have successfully made smoothies on our bikes. We do require a minimum ability to pedal a bicycle in order for a guest to participate. We are happy to pedal for guests with disabilities.

The Drinks: We make fresh smoothies with 100% organic ingredients which are sourced locally as much as possible and are incredibly delicious. We offer many vegan and lactose-free options as well. See our drinks.

The Staff: We have an incredibly professional and customer-service focused staff. Every staff member is trained to make sure your guests have the most fun. Our staff wears active clothes at events to allow for comfortable movement. However, if you require a different dress code, please let us know.

Space Requirements: A 10-foot by 10-foot level floor/ground space for our setup is required. Please account for more room as your guests will want to hang around and take pictures.




  • We require full payment in advance – you can either pay in full on booking or pay a 50% retainer fee on booking and the second 50% by the day before the event.
  • All parking charges must be validated or reimbursed for up to 2 vehicles.
  • Timeframes and dates are required to book your event. One hour set-up time is standard before your event
    • Example: Service time: 8am - 10am. We will show up at 7 am to set up. On-site person of contact at the event must meet us an hour in advance of the service start time to answer any questions.
  • We require access to an elevator or a ramp. Our setup weighs around 300 pounds and we are unable to bring it up the stairs.
  • See our FAQ page for more answers to frequently asked questions!

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