We've been making smoothies on a bicycle in the Seattle, WA area since 2013. Check out our story and timeline:

May 8

An inspiration is found

Founder Himanshu Mehru learned about bike powered blending after watching a video on the interwebs. Something about a non-profit at San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala.

May 16

Pedal Smoothies is born

A curiosity about bike-blending, love of bicycling, and an entrepreneurial drive led Himanshu to bring bike powered smoothies to the Seattle area. Inspired by the Guatemalan bike blender, he made his own version of the contraption. He then founded the company at his Everett, WA studio apartment while going to school full-time.


May 19

Putting it to the test

Friends helped with testing the new contraption and developing the first menu. Yummy flavors were created over a fun-filled evening.



June 9

Open for business

Exactly one month after Himanshu first discovered this idea, Pedal Smoothies opened for business on June 9th, 2013 at the Mercer Island Farmers’ Market.


July 2

Attention from media

During the summer break from college, more farmers’ markets were added and Himanshu was pedaling smoothies on a bicycle 5 days a week. King 5 and other news media showed us some love too.

August 8

All Summer Long

People just kept coming back, week after week, through the summer. The community supported this unique business so well. People watched their loved ones ride while they took pictures and made memories.



September 28

Fun summer, now back to school

The entire summer of bike-blending was incredibly fun. On the business end, Pedal Smoothies was growing more quickly than one person could handle. However, it was time for Himanshu to go back to school.

Keith McGlashan (Shoreline City Mayor) Makes a Bike Smoothie

Keith McGlashan (Shoreline City Mayor) Makes a Bike Smoothie

June 23

Pedal Smoothies Goes to Guatemala

A new year. Himanshu graduated from college and decided to visit San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala – The Home of Bike Powered Smoothies. The non-profit in Guatemala that makes bike blenders for the local community is called Maya Pedal.


July 8

Volunteering at Maya Pedal

For the next 8 weeks, Himanshu volunteered at Maya Pedal and learned many new skills including welding.


July 22

Pedal Smoothies at Guatemala

While volunteering in Guatemala, Himanshu collaborated with other volunteers and worked on spreading the message of pedal power. Watch the video to learn more.


August 7

We made smoothies every chance we could

All the volunteers were always looking for the next opportunity to tell the bike-blender story. While traveling Guatemala, we made smoothies on a bicycle every chance we could. Here is a photo of the team at Antigua, Guatemala.


April 9

Pedal Smoothies Starts Catering Private Events

After returning from Guatemala, Pedal Smoothies took a new turn. We started catering private and corporate events. Actually, we were at all kinds of events: wellness fairs, biometrics testing, happy hours, employees appreciation, birthday parties, government events, etc. Check out our gallery for more event photos.

People watching a woman making bike smoothies

June 9

We decided to do catering events only

In 2016, we’ve decided to participate only at catered private and corporate events. We won’t be present at any of the Seattle area farmers’ markets.

Man making a bike smoothie at a shoe launch party

February 23

Pedal Smoothies with Kaiser Permanente

Pedal Smoothies is excited to announce that we are Kaiser Permanente’s official Bike Powered Smoothies partner.

We are open to more partnerships with other healthcare providers/insurance companies for their brand activations.

February 12

New Smoothie bikes for sale

New Smoothie bikes for sale

Pedal Smoothies is developing a workshop to start manufacturing custom smoothie-bikes right here in Washington State. Soon we will be offering smoothie bikes for sale.

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